In these uncertain times, I have honed in on how you can sell your home for the most moolah possible. Here are 10 nuggets of real estate wisdom:

  1. Paint everything white. Not sure if it should be white? Paint it white anyways. Think a little colour may attract people? Nope… Paint it white. It’s kinda off-white beige so you think it’s fine? It’s not. Paint it white.

  2. Declutter. Get rid of your junk. Lose that pic of your old soulmate. Nobody wants to see you and your new soulmate in a frame either, jumping from a plane. Chachkas …..out. Sweet little ceramic dolls…gone please. Oh… and knives… hide the knives. We don’t need to imagine or invent any grisly murder scenarios. If you are wondering if it should stay…the answer is always no.

  3. When it’s on the market, let’s get you into an AirB&B. Or Aunt Jean’s or your cottage. I KNOW you make great seafood chowder… But it’s not selling your place. We will bring you back after.

  4. I guarantee you….NOBODY thinks your pets are as cute as you do. Chewed furniture… Pet hair… Random toys and bowls of water. We are going to have to pack them up with you for the week and save them for your new place.

  5. Take the BEST photos. Don’t half-ass this. They mean everything. I don’t mean pretend photos where you are selling a Barbie house, but the pictures show it’s the Palais Royale. I mean really GREAT FRICKIN PHOTOS.

  6. Lose the overinflated value concept that only exists in your head. Realistic please. The rest will just get in the way.

  7. Let’s fix the worst things that HAVE to be fixed. Gaping hole in the roof? Let’s fix that. Small army of mole men living in your basement? Let’s lose them. Shattered windows? Easy fix. Blood all over the walls? Well, we may have a bigger problem… Could be two coats of white.

  8. Make the first impression as you walk up the best impression. No matter how big or small or distant or old, I want to want to walk in. We can do that.

  9. Trust your Realtor. Trust me. If you don’t, then we shouldn’t be working together anyway. I swear I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. I know what I am doing!!!

  10. Enjoy it. We have to have a good time doing this, cause life goes by way too fast and what’s more important than living the journey?

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10 Ways to Get More Moolah From Your Home

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