The more I sell real estate in our delightful city of Toronto the more changes I see in what people want to live in….What their needs are….What their busy lives are demanding. Yes…We still want a piece of the pie but we work hard and play hard and we often have less time for maintenance. That’s really what it comes down to….How much time can we dedicate to maintenance? Slim pickings in my world… and I want to devote even less time to it than I am now.
It’s true, there are still people who make a big meal every night for their family from scratch. There are still people who darn their socks when they have holes or sew patches on pants or sweaters when they need them. There are still people who design and maintain a beautiful flowery garden with landscaping and places to sit in their back yards. There are still people who read the newspaper from back to front….even the auto section.
But… I would surmise that there are more people who would order in from Mr Greek or go to dinner at Local 1794….
More people who would just BUY new socks…or pants
More of us who would hire a landscaper if we could…or have a maintenance free yard made up of a composite deck that you never have to paint again.
Most of us get our news now from articles on Facebook or a Twitter feed and can we even bother to read the whole piece??? Who has time ??
Well we all have time, but we are changing how we want to spend it.
We are frugal with our precarious moments.
We would rather laugh with our friends at dinner and have someone else clean up..Lets face it.
Cause it’s easier.
Cause we are tired.
Cause we work all day.
Cause we barely get any time with our babies or our “baby.”
So when I see the market shifting to burgeoning condo sales I am not surprised.
Yes, they are more affordable for people than a piece of land in our expensive city but they are also so much more maintenance free !!!!
Maintenance fees….what people used to find suspicious about condos are just the thing that makes them attractive.
If I trade in my three bedroom house in the Beach and I buy myself a condo, then I can have someone else mowing my lawn and shovelling my walk and cleaning my pool….I can use my meticulously maintained gym or rooftop terrace. I often will have a security guard who works at my front door and tells me that there is a package for me or someone is here to see me.
I will pay maintenance fees for these services but I will have bought myself something so much more valuable….something we are all looking for more of…..something worth every penny of the 468.21$/month….Time.
And so… by hook or by crook….Toronto steps up to the adult dinner table and joins New York and London where a flat is where you hang your hat and an apartment is where you kick off your shoes dial Ubereats and binge watch Netflix.
Where are you at ?
If you even got to the end of this Condo rant of mine…
What do you prefer ? A condo or a house ? and Why ?
Tell me….
Cause I really want to know.

Condo? House? Our changing needs and desires

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