Marry the House, Date the Rate

If you want to buy a home, this couldn’t be more appropriate to hear right now. Sometimes in a long term relationship, you don’t always like everything about the other person. You find their habits annoying. They oversalt the stew. They leave the toilet paper in an awkward place. They play music too loud when you are trying to watch Yellowstone. 

But in a marriage… like in a home purchase, you are in a long-term serious relationship. You might not always like what they do or how they behave, but you love them and want to stay together. You put up with the small annoyances. You live through the things you can’t change that cause temporary pain. 

Remember… The rate is temporary. You are only dating the rate. It will change and become another rate soon enough. You can walk away from the rate and find a prettier one, or a stronger one. You may go through a period in which all the rates you are dating seem offensive. ONLY STAY FOR COFFEE. 

This too shall pass. 

Stay with the house. Don’t leave the condo. Your marriage can weather the storms. 

Happy January. 

Enjoy the journey… And remember…

Marry the House, you are only dating the rate. 

Marry the House, Date the Rate

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