To sell or not to sell? That is the question. Whether tis wiser in the fall to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or take a chance against a sea of troubles and by selling, end them? To buy, to move; that is all? And by move, do we mean perhaps far away from the city to a sleepy place on a lake?

To sell, to downsize; To downsize; perchance a condo? Ay, there’s the rub? For in the smaller space that a condo affords, no land to watch and garden to tend, it must give us pause, what’s the pay off that makes the toil of a house so long? 

For who would bear the whips of renovating a kitchen or replacing a roof? A house all lovingly cared for and sweated over just to have the law, then delay the outcome of the sale for their own purposes? By their own re-election promise to squash the merits of homeowners’ efforts? Lay aside blind-bidding? Is this not in fact by it’s own merit an infringement of privacy? Would a Liberal party in fact have the power to do so?

I think not. 

The newly discovered journey from which most travelers never return… Out of the city core. An easier, quieter life. This makes us bear the ills we have endured and fly to others we know not of. But… Conscience does make cowards of us all. 

A cottage is an enterprise of great pith and moment. A condo is a kinder choice and yet the current politic can make a seller lose the spur of action if they wait too long. 

Soft you now! 

Here comes the election…

Let us see what havoc it plays, if any? Or if the dire warnings and threats are nothing more than empty bubbles that pop at the first sign of quandary?

Ay, methinks perhaps tis so!

Soft you now! Here comes the election.

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