As I get ready to write my real estate newsletter today,

I am stunted. I find myself wishing I could care about the price of houses in Toronto. I am unable to focus my attention on a normal real estate market discussion. Yes, interest rates are rising imminently. House prices in the GTA are bananas. We have historically low inventory. It’s a seller’s market. Yes, we live in Toronto, a place that is not untouched by the global pandemic of Covid 19. The last few years have brought a lot of pain and hardship to our small businesses and our hospital workers and our children and to those of modest income or means. And today, as I write this many people in the Ukraine are standing in line to get a gun to protect their homes as 380,000 family members have fled across the border into Poland. We are unjustifiably lucky to live in this country, in this city.

Throughout the last few years, I have come to use my internet presence and social media platforms to further my business. The internet has fast become the news we read, the pictures we see, the ideas we mull over and the thoughts we adopt. I have enjoyed a furious amount of business through this medium. I see too that the internet breeds resentment and racism and conflict and easily hides the teller of the tale from the public eye. I wonder if now is the time… our golden moment to take back the internet as a way of telling the truth and exposing the false narratives. I spoke to my Russian clients today who told me that Putin’s narrative in Russia is that the purpose of this “special operation” is to kill Nazi’s. Putin has said he wants to rid the Ukraine of the nazi influence, an idea so loathsomely based on falsity that it can’t actually be veiled in any way. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, 4th generation Jewish, wildly popular president of the Ukraine fights now, as a madman illegally wages war on the free and sovereign nation that he runs. In Canada, and in Toronto, I implore you, to fight for internet truth globally. Maybe this is a way we can help to fight this war personally each one of us. All of those “Freedom” seekers who protested in their trucks for the last month, this is a freedom fight you can really stand up for… freedom for the people of the Ukraine and even for the citizens of Russia who stand on the streets to protest this invasion. There are no hot tubs or BBQ’s at these protests so it won’t be as cushy. 

I know we go on in Canada.

I HOPE we go on in Canada with a madman at the reins in Russia, and I will continue to work and laugh and play and love here, where I am already free in a way that some people only dream of. But this day my focus is on what I can do to stop this war that is waged without the consent of so many by the whim of a maniacal dictator. Share… post… support REAL freedom… use the global narrative on the web to spread truth and stand behind democracy. It is so fragile. My son asked me yesterday if it was the end of the world and if he should keep going to the gym or what. Yes, go to the gym. We will sell our houses and buy more and I will be here to help you through all of those moments… and every day from now on I will remember that we are lucky here that we can.

As I get ready to write my real estate newsletter today

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