Isaac Newton’s Law.

Things have changed.

Nothing will ever be the same. 


We started 2020 consumer driven, frothing at the mouth and eating from the fatted calf of greed. Then things fell apart. Sickness spread. Right and left went to war and we are coming out the other side. We are swollen with the lessons we have learned and dazed as if in the sun after years in the dark. 

All the houses I am putting on the market are a different experience than before. People are slower to come to the table. People are starting to really LOOK again after years of only sideways glancing. Houses now have a different value. They are a home: a place to rest and have quiet reflection. People want a sacred place and a place to work in peace. 

Needs are changing and so the market changes too. I recently sold a house with baseboard heat. That’s a first time for me. In this age where war has erupted over battlefields in Europe and Russia, and oil barrels have power to destabilize 
the environment, maybe electric heat is actually beneficial and economical and a great environmental choice. I see it. Thought processes have changed. 

I have been running open houses with live jazz in the backyard and people are listening and talking. People want to feel the energy in a house and now they have more time. It might not stay this way. It might revert. I think things have changed. 

My buyers are saying things to me like… “We want space and grass and it doesn’t have to be in the GTA.”

“We don’t want every penny we have to go to the mortgage. We also want to live.”

This is new thinking and slower and it seems to be spearheaded by a younger generation who don’t want what their parents had. 

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

– Isaac Newton

Welcome to the opposite reaction. 

I like it here. It feels so much truer. 

Everything Is Topsy Turvy

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