There was a festival down the street from me at Woodbine Park and this was the line up: 

  • After the Gold Rush (Tribute to Neil Young)
  • Monkey Wrench (Tribute to the Foo Fighters)
  • Aeroforce (Tribute to Aerosmith)
  • Sheer Heart Attack (Tribute to Queen)
  • The AC/DC Canada Show
  • Floydium (Tribute to Pink Floyd) 

These bands sound great and the detail and work needed to replicate this music is huge. This does not seem like a solitary phenomenon. Every major festival or event I have seen recently had an eerily similar line up. This led me to wonder… Is there really anything new… Under the sun?

I understand it. Familiarity is tantamount to success. I know it works. People want what they already know. The same is true with houses and real estate. Mid-century modern is the new staging that sellers want to use and buyers are responding to; A beautiful orange-tinged wood side table, teak dining chairs with clean lines and kidney bean shaped coffee tables; even wood paneling on the walls and herringbone floors. This is the style and pieces that younger buyers are responding to. This style is beautiful and the work needed to reproduce it again is massive. 

I understand it. Familiar. It’s how people grew up. It’s what they knew. The place you spent your formative years in, stays with you. The music you heard when you were younger… The music your parents played as you toddled around the wall-to-wall carpet, still echoes in your memory. The house you lived in, somehow like a womb, is deep within our soul no matter how far away we roam. We all want something new… Not what our parents had; new, but it has to be tinged with the old familiar.

When was the last time you listened to something new on a streaming service? There was classical music. There was jazz. There was blues. There was rock. There was pop. There was rap. Today, there seems to be a revisiting to the bands of 30 years ago. Is this because with rap becoming so prevalent many people stopped listening to live music with musicians who played music that they wrote on real instruments?

I sense something new will come. Something new will be born in the exodus from the electronic digital age. Creation has to come from the death of one thing that leads to the next thing. Sparks fly. Creativity is nestled there waiting to explode.

Real estate is changing. Maybe we are witnessing the death of the traditional… Its last dying spurts. Creativity must spring from the wreckage. A new design. A new way to live. Sparks fly. Ideas are born. Shall we amalgamate households and live under one roof with a common living area? Light, bright…modular, metal? Bubbles? Pods?

The idea excites me as a real estate agent and a lover of music. Same old, same old has to have its moment in the spotlight again. It will spawn the new generations. The new era. Creativity will crackle through the room. There is always 
among us the creative that lives outside the normal parameters. The creative is moving, stretching, coming into play again. It’s like the electricity that shoots between towers…arcing…lighting up the night. 

Wait for it.

Keep your eyes open for it. 

Even… Be it.

But whatever you do or buy or choose or listen to, be open to the creative moment. It will topple the towers. 

Yes…There is something new under the sun.

The Beatles had it right. 

Here it comes. 

And I say…

Nice EH?

Is there anything new under the sun

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